Laura Robin, Travel Editor, The Ottawa Citizen:

Martha Chapman is perhaps the most organized, professional and competent public relations person I have dealt with in nearly 30 years of journalism. She is always readily available and always cheerful and approachable. As a journalist, I would (and have) turned to her first as a source since I know she will respond quickly, accurately and with experience and insight.


Antonella Santia, Director, Operations and Administration, The Globus Family of Brands

We had the pleasure to have John Lupien conduct sales training for our call centre team. He is an excellent instructor and made the training sessions informative, practical, fun and had everyone involved.
We highly recommend John for training.

Dale Pusching, Director of Sales/Canada, The Anguilla Tourist Board:

For the last fiveyears, I have contracted Martha to execute media and public relations activities for The Anguilla Tourist Board in Canada.

She is an incredible wordsmith and her press releases always succinctly capture the news and sell the story.  Having seen the results of her releases many times, she gets ink!

Martha reacts quickly to any situation and approaches problems with common sense.  I always enjoy her ideas and she always has many!

Lastly, networking is such an important aspect of any PR campaign and Martha enjoys one of the very best travel reputations of them all.  She knows the travel media - both consumer and trade - very well and they respect her in spades.

Anyone lucky enough to work with her would echo my sentiments.


Liz Fleming, Columnist, Toronto Star; Columnist; prolific freelance travel writer:

It has been my great pleasure to have been associate with Martha Chapman for nearly eight years. As a travel journalist whose livelihood depends on being able to access timely information - and often to travel and explore - it is imperative that the public relations professionals one associates with be professional, organized, dependable and well-informed.

Martha Chapman combines all of those attributes and is at the same time witty and entertaining. Her media releases, in fact, are so well-written that I'm often tempted to simply run them, without adding anything of my own. And I have never declined an offer to accompany her on a press trip!


Pat Rochon, National Sales Manager, Adventure Center:

Martha has gone out of her way to assist me in promoting Adventure Center and her experience and professionalism are second to none. She communicates great ideas and opportunities to help promote our visibility in these ever-changing economic times. Martha is always there looking out for our interests and persevering to find that perfect story. Not always an easy task when dealing with my erratic work schedule in or out of the country!

Along with her strong sense of judgment, brilliant ideas, excellent interpersonal skills and her passion for our type of travel, Martha Chapman is in my books, a top public relations specialist, a new friend and I would recommend her to any future client.


Elizabeth Boileau, Communications Elizabeth Boileau:

Martha Chapman gets things moving with class and professionalism.